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Brilliantly light and refreshing, Bergamot-infused Secha leaves.  This tea is perfect for a sweet and smooth citrus morning or as a fabulous Iced-Tea!

Green Earl Grey

  • How to Brew Green and White Teas

    One teaspoon per cup of tea being made.  Water should be off-boiling, preferably about 80-90 degrees.  We recommend either letting the kettle cool down for several minutes or adding cold water to cover first, just enough to cover the leaves. Brew for 2-3mins.

    Important to note:  For a stronger cup of tea, use more tea and brew for the same period of time. 

    How to Make a Tasty Iced Tea at Home

    Iced tea is quick and easy to make with loose leaf tea.  Double the amount of tea per cup, half the amount of water and brew for 2mins. Then strain the tea over ice! Sweeten to taste.

    • Improve Concentration, Brain Function  and Mood – The health benefits of Green Tea include,  L-theanine and caffeine, the synergistic effects of which help improve brain function.
    • Increase Fat Burning and Fat Loss – Studies show that the powerful antioxidant EGCG found in green tea can increase the body’s ability to selectively burn fat.
    • Lose Weight and Increase Health – Green tea can boost your metabolism and therefore helps you to lose weight.  Studies have shown that the addition of green tea to a healthy programme had significant effects on body fat percentage, body weight, waist circumference and belly fat.
    • Maximum Freshness – Our vegan green tea is sealed in foil-lined pouches to lock in the freshness of the tea leaves.  No windows in our packaging means that the leaves are always fresh, without any degradation caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.
    • Enjoy Hot or as Iced Tea – Our premium blended green teas can be enjoyed either as a hot tea or as Iced Tea simply and easily.  By using whole leaves and carefully selected Gluten Free and Vegan ingredients Leaves and Water teas deliver a delicious and refreshing cup of green tea, however you choose to drink them.
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