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When we visited the Jun Chiyabari estate in Nepal, we were in awe.  This tea garden, relatively young at about 25 yeas old, produces exceptional quality teas with unique characteristics.  This Golden Semi-Fermented tea is one of their prime examples of exceptional craftsmanship by drawing from the leaves a natural flavour like lychee sweetness into the full body of the tea.  Brisk and floral as you would expect from a Himalayan first picking, this tea is one of a kind.


Leaves and Water work with some of the best Tea Master’s around the world to curate and select unique teas of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  The Tea Estates we source from all share a common value which is create some of the finest teas from their regions.

Himalay Golden - Nepal Single Origin

  • 100% Organic Single Origin, Semi-Fermented, small batch Nepali Himalayan Tea – Our Single Origin organic Himalayan Orange is grown at the Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate in Nepal

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