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Technically a herbal tea, our certified organic loose leaf rooibos is rich and smooth with a deep red colour that is delicious both with or without milk. Rooibos, or Redbush Tea, is naturally Caffeine-Free and is and has a host of healthy benefits such as controlling blood sugar, aiding in weight loss and counteracting allergies such as hay fever. Rooibos is also an excellent source of dietary iron and can help the body to absorb iron more readily.


Our Loose Leaf Teas are selected for their quality and flavour, ensuring that they match perfectly with the flavours and blends we have dreamed up for them. We ensure that each and every dried one of our dried ingredients, including the dried fruits, fruit granules and any other piece we use are both Gluten Free and Vegan, making sure that whatever your choices in life, we will have a tea for you.

Pure Organic Rooibos

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